Set custom snap areas with specific location/diensions?

Is there a way to set custom snap areas with specific locations dimensions rather than dragging a window around and hoping it's in the right spot? I would like to set up some custom snap areas for windows but I also would like the window to line up, it is proving difficult and every time I think I got it I notice later on that it's off by some pixels. Perhaps there is another tool somewhere that can set window sizes and locations in this way and then I can use the Create New Snap Area function? Any help is appreciated!

So I was able to find the spot where I can specify position size of snap areas manually! If you create a snap area and then go into the edit snap areas mode under the BTT menu you can click on the gear icon for each snap area and adjust it. Everything is all set up perfect now and I love BTT even more than I have for the past many years =]

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Glad you found it.
I plan to make the areas more manageable soon (some sort of table where you can edit the properties more easily after the initial setup is done)