Set BTT delay by a variable amount

Hi from a noobie.
Currently I have a BTT workflow (key sequence) that triggers a Fake ( workflow. I can't quit Fake from within Fake (only exit the workflow) but I would like to close Fake after the task is complete to keep things tidy. Currently I have a fixed delay before sending "quit" to Fake from BTT. This is usable but not ideal.
I temporarily switched off the BTT delay and inserted an Applescript that gets the number of times the task will be run from the clipboard and multiplies it by the length of time it takes for each task. After the delay it quits Fake. This Applescript works fine standalone but seems to crash BTT when run within this sequence (async in background).
It would be simpler to use the BTT delay but with a variable amount. I can pass the variable from Fake to the system clipboard and would like to mulitply it by a fixed value and then delay by the result before sending "quit" to Fake.
Is there a way to do this (in case the above Applescript issue can't be resolved)?
If not, would anyone else find it useful? If so I can add it to feature requests.