Set "Automatically show and hide the menu bar" with BTT

I like to have the menubar always showing, incl. in fullscreen - except for when I am watching a video in fullscreen. So I would like a way to automatically (or effortlessly) switch the "Automatically show and hide the menu bar" setting between "in fullscreen only" and "never".

And according to a ton of posts I found on reddit, Stack Overflow etc., a lot of others would like that option as well. But there seems to be no way to achieve this currently with AppleScript, shell script or similar options.

The closest thing that exists is this code, but this only switches between true and false ("always" and "only in fullscreen"), not "never":

tell application "System Events"
tell dock preferences to set autohide menu bar to not autohide menu bar
end tell

It would be great if BTT could make this possible. I could see two options here:

  1. Change the menubar behavior with an action
  2. Change the menubar behavior in the App Specific Settings. This would be especially great because one could make CAGs like "Window name contains YouTube" etc.

I'd like this option to exist also, been trying to do it with Apple Script, however I can't get it to work.

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Me 3!

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I would be interest in it too!
My use case is a bit different, I have as default the hidden menubar, but I have another monitor on top, and it is very hard to show the menubar with the mouse pointer - and slow. I would like to have a shortcut to show it!

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