Separate Now Playing -widgets?

Hi, new user here.

I would love to put two different Now playing widgets on my touch bar. One would only show spotify media and another one media playing from browser (Edge). I'm currently using only one but it changes based on where the media is playing. So if my Spotify is playing while I open Youtube video, I can't pause my Spotify from the widget since it now shows Youtube.

I'm pretty sure this is possible somehow(?). I tried playing (using ChatGPT) with all kinds of "if == "Spotify" codes but I'm not familiar with coding.

BTT's now playing widget uses the system "now playing" service, which unfortunately only shows & controls the state of the currently playing app.

You probably could create a separate spotify widget, but it would definitely need some coding.

If all you need is a spotify play/pause button, that could be achieved easily

Thank you, this cleared the thing for me. I managed to create a player for Spotify with custom Apple Script. It always shows current song & artist. However, I haven't managed to create something similar for Edge. Is it possible to create a script that always show:

  1. Checks if Edge's tabs are playing audio
  2. Display's playing tab's name

If no audio is playing show something like "Nothing playing" or hide the widget altogether.