Sending shortcut to specific menu bar app

I'm trying to create a global keyboard shortcut to activate an option under the menu of an app that only exists on the menu bar.

I've defined a shortcut for that option on System Preferences>Keyboards, and I can see the shortcut I've defined on the menu of that app.

I've created a global keyboard shortcut on BTT to activate that option, but I haven't been able to do so far. I've set a shortcut to activate the global action on BTT, and I've set it to "Send Shortcut to Specific App", and chose the related app, and the related shortcut I had defined for the action on its menu before. It just doesn't work.

Any ideas?

PS: I've already tried using different shortcuts for the two actions, and also selecting "bring app to front" and "switch back". I also quit and reopened the app after changing the shortcut.

It seems to me that the only thing you haven't tried is to select the menu item by name or position with BTT. Or have you already tried that?

Not sure how to do what you say.

I've also already tried launching the app as well as open/hiding the app, to then go through the menu with an additional command, but launching pops up a "this app is already running" notification, and open/hiding doesn't do anything.

First, I have no idea if this helps. But it is this action. Here you can enter the names of the menus or their position.

For example, this would be the second menu item in the Apple menu, System Preferences.

Can you just see it, or does it work?

But how do I make it work with a menu bar app? There's only an icon there, with a menu.

I tried creating a find image and mouse click and move through the menu and click, but it breaks at some point.

What is the name of the app?

However, if the icon in the menu bar is always in the same place, you can also reach it with this action

It doesn't recognise the app name. Nothing happens. I put the path with ";" in between, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

I've also tried moving the mouse there, and clicking. I even tried moving the mouse again and clicking the menu item to go to the submenu, and move and click, but it breaks before it reaches there.

I'm trying to toggle HDR using BetterDummy menubar app.

This is really strange. Then, unfortunately, I do not know either. Are you sure the app is working properly?

The app works fine manually, yes.

So, the Trigger Menubar Menu-Item is the one that's supposed to work for such thing? I'll try again after a restart.

BetterDummy;Settings;Enable HDR
should work?

This may not be the most elegant way, but at least it works good if the icon is always at the same place.

Move Mouse to Position
Delay 0.3 s
Delay 0.3 s
right arrow

Ah, the delays could make it work. I'll try, thanks!

It's not always at the same place, but I can use detect image for that.

Try UI Browser (e.g the Trial Version) to identify the application and its menu. Then use an Applescript in a BTT action like this:

tell application "System Events"
	tell application process "BetterTouchTool"
		tell menu bar 1 -- sometimes 2
			click menu bar item 1
			click menu item 1 of menu 1
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Any Application by Altering its Properties
Access App Properties: Once you have located the app, right click it and select properties. ...
Change the Shortcut Key Value: Type in the alphabet that you want to use as a shortcut for opening the app. ...
Click on Apply to Save Changes.