Sending Email After Highlight

If I select/highlight an email address, is there an easy way to send an email to that address with one click or one gesture?


Here's a script I wrote, assigned to clicking the Track Pad. You could also trigger it with the Touch Bar or other ways. After pasting in the address it tabs to the Subject field.

Great, how do I set a sequence like that in my tool?

I suggest you read the help manual:

I'm brand new to BTT and am still learning, and decided to answer your question both to help out and to improve my skills. You shouldn't have to go too far to get the basics to set it up, just the first few pages.

Apparently, I have the older version. Can I do what you do with my version?


I'm new to BTT so I don't know what features it has now that it didn't have with whatever version you have, but I would suspect so. Once you understand the basics of the program, the only challenge is finding where in the menu structure the command is, if you can't find it using the search function. If you get stuck then ask.