"Send Midi Command" Implementation

I am very very happy to see that v4,616 can send midi commands!!!!!

I have been testing it and works like a charm.

Thanks a lot Andreas to implement this feature, this is a game changer to me (and sure for most of the BTT musicians).

Some comments/ideas regarding this new action:

  1. Midi Channel

Now Midi Channel accepts values from 0 to 15, but the majority of users prefers to use 1 to 16, so I would suggest to add a global setting where users can choose the desired range (0-15 or 1-16).

  1. Midi Ports

The drop-down menu is a little bit confusing to me, as it seems that midi ports are duplicated:

Maybe this is by design and there is a difference between the duplicated ports?

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I forgot the third :grinning:

  1. Variables

It would be great to define the note/cc/pc/pb, the channel and the value/velocity with numbers defined in variables. Maybe this already works, but I have tried to use variables and I had no success.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

Are you aware of the 2nd point? I think the duplicated midi ports is a bug, isn't it?

Check this

Thanks @andreypetr :+1: