Send media keys to specific app

I want to send prev, play and next to a specific app, it won't recognize them as keyboard shortcuts in the input box, not possible in BTT natively, is there some workaround?

I'm interested in the same. Based on my searches, it looks like it used to work, maybe before macOS 10.14, but it is definitely not working in 10.14 sadly. Is it a know issue, or is there a plan to fix or what can be expected?

EDIT: related issue is here: Unable to bind "Play/Pause" media key to BTT keyboard shortcut

unfortunately on modern macOS most apps require to be brought to front in order to receive keyboard events, I don't think there is any way to fix that.

You can use the „send shortcut to specific app“ to do that

Ah sorry I thought this was something different. Can’t you use the predefined actions for play/next/previous?

Don't get me wrong, but how are those keys that much different, from the rest of the keys, which can be used in global shortcuts? Also I have other applications, which can receive the media keys even when minimized, so it is certainly possible.

I would happily, but I couldn't find such... It is dumb, but where should I look, if I may ask?

See this:

These keys unfortunately are handled in a very different way than normal keys on macOS

Ohh, Thanks for the image, very kind of you, but actually I'm looking for the opposite: Assign a custom action to the hard keys.

ahh! this is at the moment not possible with BTT but will be added soon. (I have an internal release that can do this but it’s not completely ready yet)

Sounds good. Is there an approximate timeline for release maybe? Just asking, so i can decide to look for other solution or better just wait a bit...? Thanks!

Most likely this weekend!

Wow, better than expected! Thanks!

BTT 3.535 alpha (get via "check for alpha version updates") should now allow you to use these keys (still experimental)

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