"Send Keyboard Shortcut" of CTRL + Space Bar (Double keystroke)

Hello all! I am looking to send a "Send Keyboard Shortcut" of a CTRL + Space Bar (Double keystroke). Can someone show me how/if this can be set up?

Much appreciated in advance!!!

To clarify, you want the action to perform CTRL keydown & keyup followed by SPACE keydown & keyup?

If that is indeed what you want, set the actions to:

  1. Modifier Key ➙ CTRL keydown
  2. Modifier Key ➙ CTRL keyup
  3. Send Keyboard Shortcut ➙ SPACE

If what you're looking for is the trigger to be CTRL down/up and then SPACE, you'll need to set that up in Key Sequences / Typed Words.

Thanks for the response. Actually, the combination would be holding down the CTRL while double-clicking the space bar (spacebar keydown & keyup, and again keydown & keyup) . Does that make sense?

Here's the instructions from the Workflowy website... " Holding down Ctrl and hitting the space bar twice in succession will fully expand/ collapse all children lists that are nested in a parent list that your cursor is in."


My goal is to turn this shortcut into a Magic mouse action via BTT


Assign whatever Magic Mouse trigger and then try the following set of actions:

  1. Modifier Key ➙ CTRL keydown
  2. Send Keyboard Shortcut ➙ Space
  3. Send Keyboard Shortcut ➙ Space
  4. Modifier Key ➙ CTRL keyup