Send force touch

Hi there! Is there a way to send a force click action to the current position of the cursor using BTT?


no, BTT can't do that right now. What function do you want to trigger? (Maybe this can be done without a force touch event)

Thanks for the response!

The feature I'm looking for is showing the app expose for a specific app when you force click on the app in the dock - it's super useful (a little like Windows, when you hover over an icon in the task bar and see previews of all windows), and I'm trying to replicate this using an external logitech mouse by using BTT.

BTT does have an "app expose" action, but it shows the app expose for the currently active app rather than the one the mouse is hovering over in the dock.

Thanks again!

No luck on this I imagine?


An action sequence like this should do the trick:

(not sure if the active window save/restore is necessary in your case)

Beautiful, thank you so much!