Send Fn+Ctrl+Opt+Backspace to Parallels Desktop


I want to create a Touch Bar button to send keys to Parallels Desktop. In Parallels the shortcut for Ctrl-Opt-Del is Fn+Ctrl+Opt+Backspace.

So I created a button and tried to add this shortcut. But it doesn't work because Fn+Backspace = Del.
I added a new action before called fn pressed. But this also doesn't work.

Could anyone help me how I can get this shortcut to work?

Kind regards.

Hi Sebastian,

I have a similar problem - I'm not able to make a mouse action which sends alt-F11 to Windows 11 (in Parallels VM).

Could you solve your problem with "Ctrl-Opt-Del is Fn+Ctrl+Opt+Backspace" an give me some advice?

Thanks for your help.


I didn't get this to work. After all I used only F12 as hotkey and added this zu an action in BTT.