Send Enter key to app


Just started using BTT. I am going to create keyboard shortcut to: Open Finder then go to some folder.
My idea is to open Finder, send to it Cmd+Shift+G shortcut then type some path (eg. ~/Downloads) and then press Enter (this last one is when I found problem).
Actually I did:

  1. In Keyboard Shortcuts I created trigger (simple keyboard shortcut)
  2. Add first Action: 'Open Finder'
  3. Add second Action: 'Send Shift+Cmd+G to Finder'
  4. Add third Action: 'Type text ~/Downloads'
  5. Add forth Action: 'Send "Enter" to Finder" (of course I recorded Enter keyboard not type 'Enter')

It correctly open my Finder Window then open "Go to" dialog (Cmd+Shift+G) then typing '~/Downloads' but not "pressing" Enter button at the end. How I Can send "press Enter" in the last step?
I already tried "Send to app under cursor". When it not worked I tried select Finder App from selector window to have "Saved Selected App: file:///System/Library/CoreServices/" and it does not work too. What I am doing wrong?

Best regards


I am answering myself :slight_smile: maybe it will be helpful for somebody.
The solution is just to add 0.3 second delay between 'Type text" action and 'Send "Enter" to Finder".
Great app :slight_smile:

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