Select trigger to run from menu

I was having a play and did something I can't repeat but it was very cool. Upon a key press it brought up a menu where I could select the action I wanted to run. It may have been when I had 2 actions mapped to the same key but I'm not sure.

Sadly don't have a screenshot but basically it was a menu with the names of the 2 triggers I had setup.

this was probably a conflict menu (these appear of you have configured the same trigger more than once)

However using the predefined action “show content menu (new)” would be better suited for this!

Ah ok,

I made this Apple Shortcut instead, does the same trick!

I'd still recommend the "show context menu (new)" action, that would be a bit more performant than using shortcuts app :slight_smile:

Fair play, I'll take a look. The shortcut method is quite good as I can run from the menu bar as well, it's pretty quick to be fair.