Second trackpad to emulate surface of a magic mouse.

I have functional deficits in my hands that make it quite difficult to use input devices for computers. The deficits in my hands mean that I can only do a single finger interaction on a magic mouse or Trackpad. I cannot do multi-finger stuff. I am finding better touch tool very useful with regards to streamlining my interaction with computers. I have recently found that using an apple Magic Mouse with the top surface as a scroll wheel has become very choppy and I think it is some type of Bluetooth delays or communication issues. I happen to have two Apple Magic track pads and I am wondering if it is possible to set up one of the track pads to have the same functionality as the top surface of an apple mouse. This would basically mean that a scroll wheel behavior is enacted when I drag a finger up and down on the second Trackpad.

I have found this software which might help me out. Any thoughts? Mos/ at master · Caldis/Mos · GitHub