Scroll Inverse For Normal Mouse stops working

After computer is asleep, or somehow the mouse (bluetooth) disconnects, there is a chance that the scroll inverse no longer functions. I can still scroll, but it is in the wrong direction. Restarting BTT does not fix the issue, nor does the latest alpha build (3.506 1644). The only temporary fix is a complete restart of the computer.

The affected input device is a logitech G604 lightspeed connected over bluetooth.

Currently running on 16" MacBook Pro (2019), with macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 and BTT version 3.506 (1644)

For anyone else who may have this issue down the line, somehow its related to Logitech GHUB software. I noticed that when reconnecting the mouse to the mac, scrolling is functioning correctly for a few seconds until Logitech GHub recognizes the mouse. Restarting logitech ghub fixes the issue.