Script Widgets: "Hide while Loading" option

Would be great if we could default the widget to hide while it's initialising.

Currently, when I restart BTT or open a new touchbar group, all the active widgets show up everywhere, then eventually disappear as they load.

This could be cleaned up by having the script widgets hidden while they load (before they return a result) and thus greatly decrease the impression of a "glitchy shifty roundy" preset.

Of course, in some cases it's preferred to have the widgets showing while they load (e.g. bold, italic, underline buttons), so a checkbox to toggle how it behaves while loading would be great.

@GoldenChaos @Caliguvara @Andreas_Hegenberg

+1 for this idea!

Or a "default" return value would be great! As an example, the Headphones widget displays its title before it gets a result. It would be cool to be able to define a default output in order to get one state or the other right ahead ( disconnected icon only, instead of of disconnected icon + the title of the widget).

I do that default thing you're talking about just with the widget name, then use the notes in title function to name the widget in the editor. But I suppose a proper default return is a good idea too.

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Would this fix all the buttons that show up briefly when booting up AQT? If so i am all for this, it sounds like it would be great to have

and thus greatly decrease the impression of a "glitchy shifty roundy" preset.

oh yes it will

Really hope this can be made a reality

@Andreas_Hegenberg double bump because this is so critical!

Definitely on my TODO list to improve the loading of script widgets :slight_smile:
However I can’t just change the behavior because it would break current setups.

I’ll probably add some extra option to control this behavior.

Yes I thought of an extra checkbox "hide while init"! Not sure if it was clear in my post.

Additionally but not necessary it would be great if there was a " Show all loading widgets" option in settings somewhere that overrides this new setting that will show the widgets while loading even if the hide on init is checked for debug purposes