Script that returns the number of unread notifications

Is there any way to trigger an action based on the number of unread notifications? I want to add a widget that will display this to me, however, I don't know how to create a script that will allow me to do this

Unfortunately I don't think there is a good way. The notifications are grouped and not really accessible and getting the total count is relatively complex. It is possible in theory using Apple Script (You can get a list of all groups via this Java Script For Automation / Apple Script:

var app = Application('System Events'); 
var notificationCenter = app.processes.whose({ bundleIdentifier: '', })[0];

Then you'd need to sum up the counts of each group.

Sadly, I have an error.
Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

Yes this code needs much edge case handling. I think it's not worth it :slight_smile:
Undefined probably happens if there are no visible notifications currently.