ScreenSaverEngine prevents all but global hotkeys for BTT Remote?

So, I've been trying to set up three triggers in BTT Remote for Play/Pause Toggle, Previous and Next for my current media player app crush (and my latest attempt to escape the decades long existential horror of iTunes), IINA. However, I'd liketo be able to trigger these whilst the screensaver is running, as I sit agog staring at Aerial with my carefully aligned two desktop displays. (It's part of my lucid dreaming set up... what do you mean 'a lot of these details aren't necessary'?)

The only way I've managed to get this to work with other apps is if they support a global hotkey, and then assigning the trigger to that. Unfortunately, IINA doesn't seem to support global hotkeys, and my brain is feeling all totally-not-up-to-the-task of working it out right now. I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give, or a confirmation that what I'm trying to do isn't possible ("seems so simple though?" said the typical user who has no idea how much work goes into making anything work).

I'm on the latest Mojave and BTT. Once again, I'd just like to show my gratitude both for BTT itself and the amazing community that builds on top of it... Blessings to all :smiley:

ScreenSaverEngine is a standard app on macOS, thus app specific shortcuts for IINA won't work while it is active (you could configure shortcuts for ScreenSaverEngine which is located in /System/Library/CoreServices/), but they'd behave the same as global ones.

However there is no difference between global and app specific shortcuts, so global ones should work fine for IINA (unless I misunderstand your setup). If possible provide a screenshot or export of your setup.