Saving all windows positions on all desktops/spaces

Currently the save/restore windows layout function saves only windows on current desktop.

It would be great to be able to save and restore windows layout on all monitors and all desktops to be able to restore windows position with multi-monitor, multi-desktop setup.

Alternatively it would be enough to have a JS function/action which allows saving window layout of current desktop to specific named save slot and then restore that rather than just last saved layout, rest of it can be done with existing functionality.

unfortunately macOS only allows to access the windows on the current space/desktop ;-(

I see. And would be possible to have multiple actions on the same hotkey which would iterate through the desktops I use, save them and then do the same for restore? I would need just the possibility to have the named layout save. I understand it brings issue with orphaned saves etc. but it would be so nice to have :-).

EDIT: What I want to achieve is this: I have different displays at home and at the office (different resolutions and spect ratios). I would like to save windows for each of them and then restore them depending on were I am.

You can already name the layouts, or did I misunderstand?

Aaah :-).

OK, sorry, this does exactly what I need, I just misunderstood how this feature works.

Thank you very much!