Save size and position of multiple app windows

With Moom you can save sizes and positions of certain apps on your desktop, How can I create the equivalent with BTT, so with a single click/key the windows of the apps all return to their desired position and size.
Looking forward to you suggestions!

you should keep using moom for that, BTT doesn't have a equivalent.

In that case I would like to convert my question to a feature request :smiley:

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Is there a way to find out if this feature is in development? I'm evaluating purchasing either Moom or BTT, and this will likely be the deciding factor.

Also/alternatively, as a work-around, is there a way to string together multiple actions (and have them act on different windows?)

I would definitely recommend Moom for this at the moment! It's a great app and definitely worth the money.

I will probably add something like this feature to BTT by the end of the year, but currently it's not possible - chaining would probably somehow be possible, but would be very complicated and not very performant.