Save Restore Window Layout Not Working?

Has there been some changes to save/restore current window layout? Everything worked fine until most recent update. I have had a window layout saved for several months now, but it will not restore using my shortcut command. I removed it from configuration and re-added it. Still nothing. Any help? Thanks!

There have not been any changes to that (just checked on my machine, still working as intended). How are you triggering the save/restore action?
Do other window resizing actions still work?

I'm using Shortcuts on my MBP (see attached).

  1. Save the layout and give it a name using Shortcuts. I typically just save it as Office and I only did this once really just to have that layout so I could restore windows to 4 separate monitors when I am in my office.
  2. Retrieve the saved layout using Shortcuts. This is what I did very often, so often that I even implemented a button on my StreamDeck to quickly restore the window layout in my office.
    This isn't working, even after restarting MBP and BTT. So I tried to use keyboard shortcuts within BTT Configuration and that isn't working either. I don't know if I'm losing my mind (haha), but I don't see a setting to actually save the window layout within BTT, though I do see where I can restore a specific layout (typing the name).
    *Side note - I had a discussion about a year ago about possibly being able to see a list of all the saved window layouts and where that may be stored.

Ah! It is possible the Shortcuts action broke, because I had to re-do them due to some Apple architecture changes.
I'll have a look!

In BTT you save the window layout when confguring the "Restore Window Layout" action:

Found the issue in the shortcuts action! Should be fixed in 4,317 (uploading now)

Dang man! Talk about awesome customer support. Where is your "buy me a coffee" button? Seriously.