Save/Restore Current Window Layout from Menu Bar

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg , the "Save/Restore Specific Window Layout" action is very good. Right now we need to open BT, click the "Capture current window Layout" button and either provide a trigger to enable it. This requires opening BTT every time. I was hoping if there's a way click to a button and BTT saves the layout and asks for the name, and I can restore it using a menu bar item. Any thing that can be done to accomplish this?

PS: The menu bar item is not the big deal, but how to dynamically save the layout, name it and refer to that item from the menu bar is the deal

bumping up

Probably not what you want. But you can use Notch Bar buttons for your favorite window layouts. And additionally a button for "save current..." and one for "restore...".

And usually BTT can automate everything you do manually. Maybe not the most elegant approach, but it works most of the time. So, open BTT, go to a certain section, click somewhere...