Save and Restore WorkSpaces - Like Freeze-frame

I would really love an feature (or can this already be done with BTT) that I can setup a specific Workspace. For Example
Workspace 1 : External Screen VMware in full window mode
Workspace 2 : Half Screen Ms Team / Half Screen VMware
Workspace 3 : Half screen Outlook / Half screen Teams
And of course that it would be possible to execute this with shortcuts commands.

I saw an upcoming App FreezeFrame that looks like that they are building such an App.

Would be great If this can be done via BTT, because BTT is the best :wink:

You can use the "Save / Restore Window Layout" action, however it currently only works if the apps in that "workspace" are already started.

I could easily add an option to launch the apps that have been captured, however there might be many edge cases. I'll have a quick look this weekend.

Thanks I didn't know the Save / Restore workspace action. First try-out looks promising.

Is there a keyboard or mouse shortcut that saves the layout? I keep overwriting my desired layout somehow and haven't been able to figure out what I am doing that is causing it. I am sure it is something that I am doing, just want to know so I can stop lol

same. old layouts keep disappearing. is there a limit to how many can be made?

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