Safari offers "Open page with" ...BetterTouchTool??

Setup: 16" MacBook Pro 2019 using Safari v14.0.1 (and also Safari Technology Preview v14.1) on Catalina 10.15.7, with Advanced Preference "enable Develop Menu" turned on. BTT v3.506.

    • Selecting menu "Develop > Open Page with" lists BetterTouchTool as an option for opening a web page!

BTT is great but I really don't want to web-browse with it. Is there any way to remove it as a web-browsing alternative?

Thanks in advance!

This is due to an upcoming feature that allows to set BTT as default browser - you can then run BTT scripts over the incoming URL to e.g. open specific urls with a specific browser (or modify the incoming link before passing it to a browser - or just trigger BTT actions depending on the incoming link).

Unfortunately Safari just lists all apps that can handle http / https links in the Open Page With dialogue, I don't think it's possible to exclude BTT here.

Thanks Andreas.
I read that editing the info.plist inside the Contents Package of an app might fix it. Looking inside BBT's info.plist shows, amongst many lines of code, the following:

http URL


Secure http URL


Do you think deleting these would work, without affecting the app's normal operation?

I think the info plist in BTT is not protected by code signing, so it should work without breaking BTT. However you'd need to do that with every new update.

Worth a try. Many thanks!

I'll keep looking for a way to completely disable this, maybe there is some hidden way to request this stuff dynamically without having static info in the plist.