Safari Extension button press, then menu press. (Adguard 'block element')

I use Adguard for Safari as an extension. There is a button for it to the left of the address box at the top of Safari. It would be great to be able to shortcut the actions of pressing that button, and then press the 'block element on this page' button in the popup menu. This is to make it quicker to manually block annoying ads that the blocker misses.

You can achieve this with the Move mouse to position Action. Associated with "delay next action".

Nice, thanks. I will try it out later today. It sounds like this would only work if the Safari window is always positioned in the same place though right? So if I use Safari docked left sometimes, full screen sometimes, and any other way sometimes I would need > 3 different BTT shortcuts right?

Refer yourself to the top left/right corner of the window (the one which is closer to your AdGuard icon).