Running Actions in Background with Named Trigger "Specific App Did Launch" Not Working

TL;DR- I am trying to Love a song on Apple Music in the background using a global BTT keyboard shortcut (⌃⇧M), instead of opening AM, performing the desired actions, and returning to the previous app.

I have created a named trigger that is supposed to behave as if a "Specific App Did Launch" (Apple Music) and then execute a macOS keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut for the BTT action is activating as I receive the HUD display when the BTT shortcut triggers and the keyboard shortcuts function from within AM, but I can't get the Specific App Did Launch trigger to cooperate as it should. I have successfully used the Specific App Did Launch previously, and with this specific action, I have also tried "Specific App Did Activate" to no avail.

Any advice @Andreas_Hegenberg? Thanks in advance for any ideas or information.

Found a way to do it from within the regular actions. Did not realize there was a "Send Shortcut To Specific App". :+1: