Running a script once on startup?

How do I properly run an AppleScript on BTT's startup once? Currently using a swift program that sends a named trigger on BTT's launch.

I experimented by making an AppleSctipt widget set to 0 seconds, and I think it did run on startup. But when I made another widget with the same parameters, the second one did not run on startup. A bug? Either both should run or none.

Btw, speaking of bugs (other than the glitchy new UI), there seems to be one bug with update_touch_bar_widget not setting background_color unless "text" parameter is also supplied(?).

You can use the trigger "After Launching on Mac with Serialnumber" in the "Named & Other Triggers" section. However you will need to enter the serial number of your Mac. (I should add an option to have t his as a general "After Launching on Mac" trigger).

There haven't been reports about big glitches in the new UI since quite a while, so if you encounter any it would be great if you'd post a bug report for these.

The update_touch_bar_widget should indeed always be fed all parameters that influence the appearance. If you want to change only specific properties of a trigger or widget in BTT use the "update_trigger" function.

The launching on mac with serial works. Yeah, a bit not straightforward and would be great without needing serial.

update_touch_bar_widget should have that requirement written in the docs if it isn't already.

As for glitches, here's one when I try to change the trigger's action from AS-blocking to AS-async, it doesn't change it:

Other glitches might be hard to reproduce, but what I encountered was: crashing in some places when pressing cmd+z and unable to copy/paste via cmd+c/v inside the btt's code editor (that window popup). I'll open a bug report if I reproduce it or encounter those again. And one time the touch bar wasn't activating at all after sleep upon key press (but if that happens again, I'll just set the option to restart BTT after sleep).

But these are minor inconveniences.

I also experienced that bug where you can't copy or paste in the pop-up AppleScript editor.
It happens when you write some code, run it, change to another app to verify that the button works, go back, tweak the code... and then sometimes you just can't copy and paste anymore.
If I close it and open it again, it works again for a short time. @Andreas_Hegenberg

+1 for launch on any Mac option. Maybe it runs on any Mac if the serial field is empty?