Run shortcut only if the user is typing or a text input is active

Hi, I have a question regarding conditional shortcuts. I use an external Linux/Windows keyboard and I'm trying to organize my shortcuts. I want to make the 'Home' and 'End' buttons scroll to the end of the page only if I'm not typing or in text editing mode. Can it be somehow distinguished by the BTT if any text field is currently active? I couldn't find anything like this in the 'advanced conditions' section.

In general this is possible, but there is no guarantee that it will always work.

Create a conditional activation group with the names of specific fields and include or exclude what should happen. In the example below, letters are not typed when a field in the app Scrivener is named "AXOutline".

Hey @Frank1, thanks for your response. I will give it a try. Does it mean that I would need to do it for each app and each field? How do you know what is the field name in your app?