Right-click the "Red X" to quit app

A similar app, Flexiglass, allowed a right-click on the red x to quit the app and not just close the open window. That would be a great addition to BetterSnapTool.

That's possible with BetterTouchTool.

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Also with BetterSnapTool:

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THANKS! I can't believe I missed seeing that.

But when I set this preference, I keep getting a notice about customizing the toolbar (such as in Safari or Apple Mail), or other similar in-app notice, and the app quits only after again clicking on the toolbar.

If you want to prevent this enable the "Block the right-click from passing through to the window button" checkbox in the screen shown above

searching my btt and can't find this setting :-((

Aha! Thanks once more!


Named and other trigger

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found it -thanks :-))

I can't find it....

oh doesn't matter found it :stuck_out_tongue:

I did use right click on red button - End application below mouse