Right-Click Notch trigger, unexpected behavior

Good afternoon everyone,
I've been experiencing this for quite a while, but it never bothered me enough to report it. Today I logged in to report another bug so while I'm at it I will report this as well.

In the "Automations & Named & Other Triggers" section of BTT I assigned the "Toggle BTT Notch Bars Visible/Hidden" action to the "Right-Click Notch" trigger. The trigger conditions are set to "Trigger while mouse behind Notch". It works, except for the fact that after I use the trigger once every successive right click triggers the action again independently of the position of the mouse.

For example, if I right click the notch and then I try to right click a folder, BTT executes the action again and the folder's context menu doesn't show up. Every right click, independently of the position, just keep activating BTT's trigger. I always have to use the left click first on something before being able to use the right click normally.

I’m currently running, but as I said I've been experiencing this for several months:
MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 on an M1 Pro Mac '14
BTT 4.038