Right Click broken when BTT runs

My right click does only work with 2 finger tap but not with 2 finger click when BTT runs on my 2019 MBP with version 10.15.5 Catalina and . I have already deactivated all my Trackpad gestures which did not help. It feels like the physical component when clicking on the trackpad breaks because of BTT as the feedback to the 2 finger click is missing totally. When I shut down BTT it returns to working just fine. I cannot find which version of BTT im running at the moment.

Can I bump this? I'm having a very similar issue. Using a mouse I have to right click 4-5 times before the right click menu shows up. Once it pops up, sometimes it immediately closes as if I've followed up with a left click....

It's been very frustrating and messing with my workflows. I end up closing and reopening BTT a dozen times throughout the day to avoid the annoyance of losing right click. I've tried disabling BTT on the active app and there is no change. Right click only works correctly when BTT is closed. If anyone has any guidance, I'd really appreciate it or I'll be looking for BTT alternatives

I'd try to create a new preset in BTT and disable your current one. In general BTT does not influence the right click but there are various configurations that could cause issues when used in unexpected/wrong ways.

I'm having a similar issue on a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave 10.14.6.

Whenever BTT is open and running on my usual preset, my right click does not work, I can physically feel the trackpad preventing me from pushing down and clicking with 2 fingers until I either disable BTT or quit. Deleting my preset and creating a blank one seems to make the issue go away as well. But nothing has changed about my preset since this stopped working, I have been using this forever and right click was usually fine. I tried manually disabling all my shortcuts within my preset and that made no difference. I have tried installing various versions of BTT and a few of them have made the issue go away temporarily (using the same preset I always use), but over time it went back to not letting me right click. I am currently running BTT v. 3.696 (1831) and most of the newer versions completely crash my system and I am not able to use them. Seems like I need to remain on a legacy version. Is there a certain version that should give me better compatibility with Mojave and my older computer? Any ideas how to make this right click issue go away?

After more investigation and testing I found that it all comes down to one shortcut. I have a shortcut where I hit command shift 2 finger click on the trackpad and it takes a screenshot. As long as it is set to 2 finger click, my right clicking with no modifier keys does not work, and it will physically prevent me from clicking. Once I change that shortcut to 3 finger click or anything else, the issue goes away. Seems like it doesn't like using 2 finger click as a shortcut at all, even with modifier keys.

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that has solved my issue, thanks