Right Click at Text Cursor Using Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm not sure if this is possible with BTT, but I want to be able to hit a keyboard shortcut (i.e. Option + Enter) and that'll bring up the contextual menu (the right click) on the word where the text cursor is.

There is a 12 year old thread on superuser that asks for the same thing which did not find the solution and I'm hoping that the BTT community does.

unfortunately there is no really good way to achieve this. For many apps the predefined action "Show Context Menu For Selected Item" will work, but it will not work in all apps.

I can only think of a tinkering solution. Note, the cursor must be in the word (not at the beginning or the end). And I have no idea if this works in any text environment. Having said this, try this.

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If the "show context menu for selected item" action doesn't work in the apps you need it, you can try using the "Move Mouse To Position" action, followed by a right click. This will also work in some apps, but not all of them:

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Thanks for the tip, this seems to work, but only for Notes (and maybe other apps?).

It does not work for Obsidian, which I want to use mainly unfortunately.

This does not seem to work for Obsidian, unfortunately!

Does this work in Obsidian?

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Actually, I found that Obsidian had it's own command that I can use to set my preferred hotkeys!

show context menu under cursor can be found in Settings, which I then just set to my option + enter command!

Thanks for the help, everyone! Hopefully someone that has a similar problem finds this thread.

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