Revisit, the inversion. release left mouse button, tiny delay, release shift. Unable to release 'shift'...

Revisit from previous topic, where the mouse down with shift key solution worked just fine.

Now, on the same key press up, I need:

  1. Release left mouse button
  2. Tiny delay
  3. Shift key up (so everything unpressed)

I can't get the shift key to release, it stays stuck.
I have to restart btt to get everything functioning again.

The fact that modifiers are not released is unfortunately a problem that some have already reported here. That's why I said it works "maybe" :slightly_smiling_face:. Some say it helps to use the same action twice, with or without a delay in between. I would also try a key sequence instead of a shortcut.

Sadly couldn't get it to work.

I dived into qmk macro's and finally was able to create a solution.