Restart BTT on wake, but only after deep sleep occurred

It would be nice if the "restart on wake" feature only triggered upon waking after the particular deep sleep mode(s) that causes the need for a refresh. Eg. RAM being dumped in standby sleep mode or whatever. I'm not actually sure what the culprit is. I've read hibernatemode in new macs retains powered memory by default.

My experience is that the restart feature is only necessary for refreshing the touch-bar after ~3+ hours of unpowered sleep. For short sleeps, it ends up being kind of annoying to have to wait for BTT to reload all the time. Are there other issues that people are using this feature for? If it were just touch-bar, you would only need to account for the sleep behavior in newer macbook portables.

I don't know how to figure out what kind of sleep has happened, not sure if there is a way to get that info.
In general this feature should not be needed at all and can even be the cause for touch bar issues.

If your Touch Bar is sometimes hidden instead try to add some delay here: