Resizing window with modifier button - resize direction from cursor location

The moving and resizing with mouse modifier functionality gets me almost all the way to my workflow with plasma on linux or ahk on windows. The last bit of missing sauce is how windows resize for the resize bit of the equation. It would be super cool if the position of the cursor within the target window determined the direction of the resize.

I don't know if the coordinate system in the window manager allows resizing from anywhere but the bottom right, so resizing from the top or left may be a combined move and resize. To hopefully clarify, here's a table of cursor locations within the bounds of a a window, a movement, the resulting change, and the point of change (hope gh markdown works here):

Cursor Location Cursor Move Change Point of Change
Left Half Left Increase Width Left Side
Left Half Right Decrease Width Left Side
Top Half Up Increase Height Top Side
Top Half Down Decrease Height Top Side
Right Half Left Decrease Width Right Side
Right Half Right Increase Width Right Side
Bottom Half Up Decrease Width Bottom Side
Bottom Half Down Increase Width Bottom Side

Thank you for including mouse+modifier window movement and resize, and thank you for giving me three-finger tap as middle click for opening links in new tabs!