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For my job, I usually have 2 windows open, both of equal size, one on top, one on bottom.

I use the trackpad to quickly switch between them, and I'd also like to use it to resize them, because sometimes I need to maximize one window to read better, then return it to half size*.

I have a trigger set to cycle between resizing to half screen height and full screen height (maximizing).

The only problem is, after I've maximized the bottom window, when I resize it to half height, it automatically moves to the top of the screen (covering up the other window and forcing me to manually drag it back to the bottom).

I'm not sure how to resize it back to its original location.

I hope I've explained that well. I've included images of the action configurations, so hopefully it'll be an easy "duh" fix.

Thank you!

*It's actually a little more than half, so the windows overlap, but it's not a problem and easier to just say half.

maybe these actions will help to savce and restore the windows

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-23 a les 19.05.01

Should I use all of those? Add them to the cycle sequence? Can you walk me through it?

don't touch cycle actions

when you want to maximize the window you have at half screen, you must trigger these actions:

-save current window layout
-maximize the window

when you want to recover the half size, you must trigger this action:

-restore last saved window layout

Sorry, I'm a little confused.

Should I disable the action cycle trigger I've set up?

How can I keep the actions (resizing to half size, maximizing) to the same trigger (4 finger swipe up, in my case)?

is this your configuration?
4 fingers swipe up = resizing to half size top & maximizing
4 fingers swipe down = resizing to half size bottom & maximizing

No, I have it set to "Cycle through multiple actions (on repeated trigger)" for 4 finger swipe up.

I want to be able to swipe up once to maximize the window, then swipe up again to resize it to half size (but go back to where I'd originally moved the window). So in my 2 window scenario, the top window would maximize by extending the bottom of the window to the bottom of the screen, while the bottom window would maximize by extending the top of that window to the top of the screen. I want to resize them to half size by reversing that.

You know how if you double-click the top bar of a window, it maximizes the window, then if you double-click it again, it returns to its previous size? That's what I want to do.

cycle 1
save the window layout
maximize the window

cycle 2
restore the window layout

By "cycle 1," do you mean the first action sequence in the cycle, and "cycle 2" is the second action sequence in the same cycle, or do I somehow assign 2 different cycles to the same trigger? I'm sorry, I'm not well-versed in this.

I know this is wrong, but it's how I interpreted your instructions:

Okay, I managed to set a cycle sequence that does what I want, only I have to first resize the window manually so it knows what size to restore it to.

I guess what I want is for the first swipe up to resize the window to 500px height, then for subsequent swipes to alternate between maximizing the window and restoring the old window size.

Is it possible to make a cycle of 3 steps and have it skip step 1 after the first time it's used?

So like this:

Swipe 1: Resize Window to 500px height
Swipe 2: Maximize Window
Swipe 3: Restore Old Window Size
Swipe 4: (repeat step 2)
Swipe 5: (repeat step 3)
Swipe 6+: (alternate between steps 2 and 3)

top or bottom?

I don't understand how you set (or how you want to set) the windows to half bottom or to half top? by shortcut? manually?

If you describe me step by step the process that you want, it will be easier to help you

Okay, so I start out with a full-sized browser window.

I want to swipe up once to resize it to (roughly) half the size of the screen, taking up the top half.

When I work, I click on a link that opens in a new tab.

I then drag that new tab outside the window, which turns it into a 2nd window of the same size. I drag that window to the bottom of the screen, so now I have 2 windows of equal size, one on the top half of the screen, one on the bottom half.

Now, when I swipe up, I want to maximize whichever window is active. Then, when I swipe up again, I want it to return to its previous size (and position).

The cycle sequence I screenshotted in my first post works for the top window, but when I use it on the bottom window, it moves the window to the top of the screen. I want it to go back to where it was before.

This sequence basically does it, I just want the first swipe to resize the window to the perfect size (full width of the screen, a little over half the height), rather than manually resizing it first.

I recommand you to configure the swipe up for cycling between 2 cycles:

cycle 1
save the window layout
maximize the window

cycle 2
restore the window layout

That is what your example of cllcking the top bar of a windows do.

Then configure two shortcuts or two trackpads gestures for:

shortcut/gesture 1: maximize focused window to the top half
shortcut/gesture 2: maximize focused window to the bottom half

Thank you, but I really wanted to keep it to one gesture.

Looks like similar to the issue here.

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Here are three screenshots of my settings. I want to organize three windows in a vertical arrangement on the left side of the screen, taking up slightly less than third of the screen's width. This setup works across different screen resolutions since I use a different resolution at my home office compared to the office. Therefore, the measurements are given in percentages rather than pixels. I've also included the small pictograms from my Stream Deck to show you how it will be placed. Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I'll give it a try.