Reserve space for Dock, even if hidden, even when Dock isn't at the bottom.

After many years, I've decided to try moving my Dock from the bottom to the left side of the screen. (There's more horizontal real estate to spare than vertical.)

Under BTT's Advanced Snap Settings, there is an option to Leave small gap above dock. This works when the dock is on the left, but only if the dock is always visible.

Settings were added to BTT to Leave gap on bottom of screen to address this same issue for bottom-mounted docks, but they don't affect side-mounted docks.

I would like to see a new option on the BTT Advanced Snap Settings tab:

☑️ Leave small gap above Dock  –O–––––––  2px
   ☑️ Leave room for Dock + gap even if Dock is not visible

If such a setting exists only as an app default, that would be awesome, too.

Note that this implementation would continue to work even if I decide to move my dock back to the bottom where it probably belongs.  :‑)

Thank you for such an amazing app!  –hea