[Request] Non-touchbar MacBook setup/presets

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has a good BTT build-out for us non-touchbar Mac owners? If so, please share :slight_smile:

Seems like 99.9% of all the stuff shared here is someone just redoing the Touch-bar in some micro way..

This should change soon, once the NotchBar is out of Alpha (less buggy)

try Touch Bar Simulator

The notch bar is great, but it's not a touch bar, because there's nothing to "touch".

If you don't have a touch bar, but want one, you can easily build one with BTT, the F-Keys and a (free) touch bar simulator app like Touché.

This is an example for a browser to open url by pressing F1-F10. Position the virtual touch bar buttons exactly above the physical F-Keys. Simply move your finger to the desired icon (url), which automatically triggers the corresponding F-Key. Of course you have to set up the shortcuts in BTT. Open url with F1, F2,...

If I understand correctly, Andreas is working on a floating touch/notch bar. This makes additional apps like Touché superfluous.

Nobody wants a Touch Bar, that's why Apple got rid of it :rofl: j/k

Its rather obvious the "Notch Bar" is not a "Touch Bar" .. not sure who was trying to compare the two :person_shrugging:

You are wrong. Everyone would want the touch bar if it had illuminated physical keys.

Hence the "J/K" at the end :wink:

Then again, on my last MBP before getting the new M1 Max MBP.. I never used the Touch Bar, it was just oddly places, and honestly I often forgot it was there.

Are you using the F keys now?


I have BTT setup to do all that with Trackpad Gestures. :person_shrugging:

I see, you are more the gestures type :slight_smile: But F-Keys would have great advantages if you could remember what they do in five different apps