Request: HotKey in App List

I assume many users -like me- assign a hot key for apps to show/hide the app,

Personally I use HyperKey to assign a key combination that simply triggers Show/Hide an app. For example: HyperKey-M quickly pops up or hides Mail, HyperKey-S for Safari, etc.

One now has to explicitly configure lots of entries in the "All Apps" section, cluttering the interface.

My proposal is to use the AppList - Configuration Sidebar combi: add a hotkey' entry to the configuration sidebar for the app selected in the AppList. That hotkey would then trigger the app itself (show/hide). That would simplify the UI and improve usability for the use case described above.

Ideally it would also contain the option to chain to a named trigger (onShow/onHide: triggerX).

Thanks & keep up the good work!