Request for improving tiptap(two fingers) action

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I heavily use tiptap(two fingers) action for changing tabs on browsing, and mostly it works fine. But sometimes normal scrolling action(OS defaults) gets misunderstood with tiptap action, and changes tab abruptly. So, I have configured trakpad settings about tiptap action like this.

Image from Gyazo

  • sensitivity: 1.5(max value, need hardest touch)
  • minimum required distance between fingers: 1.5(max values, far apart)

Unfortunately, situation mentioned above is continuing. In particular, I feel minimum required distance between fingers don’t work well. Meaning that the action is triggerd whether or not there is distance between fingers. At least distance setting gets improved, I am so happy!!

p.s. I don’t want to use any optional keys for this action.

Same problem here - it used to work flawlessly but it seems the advanced settings are purely decorative now.

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