REQUEST: Finder File Tags Widget

Continuing the discussion from Adding Finder Tags / Labels to BTT touchbar?:

I don't seem to have a way to implement this finder tag stuff in BTT. I've made a replacement bar for Finder but it's missing this tags stuff, which I use really often. Would be great if there was a way to add it in BTT

Could you check whether the Apple Script described here (last post) does what you need?

Interesting, but the widget would require a way to retrieve the list of tags and apply them to that script. Will test it now

Edit: The script seems to work well

I’m not using these tags a lot, do you know where they are defined? Is this done completely in Finder?

Yes they are native to finder and can be set in the preferences:

Assign them to files using right click:

Or in inspector:

You can also sort and group by tags:

Applescript dictionary seems to have some kind of work-in-progress commands, interesting how its called "Labels" in there:

I'm using Mojave.