Request: ability to show a notification

Have an action that shows a standard system notification, with custom text

It is very easy to do this using the "Run Apple Script" action:

display notification "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" with title "Title"

See e.g. for more info

True, but that requires thinking... I just though it would be easier/clearer if it were built-in.

@Andreas_Hegenberg side note - is there a way to change the icon to some custom one instead of BTT one when displaying a notification in such way?

Unfortunately not.

Maybe that would make a custom action worthwhile.

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I understand, yeah it's up to you :slight_smile: I'll add abstraction to the btt npm package using current solution, without icon customization, however. Ty

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg
Does this still work? i tried putting it in my 'connect to Beats' button, but it didn't work.

the scripts running inside of a widget unfortunately can not show UI. You could trigger a "named trigger" from within your widget and assign the "Run Apple Script" action to it. Then it should work.

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