Replace Copy/Paste Shortcuts on macOS using a Windows Keyboard

Hello. Longtime Windows user. New to macOS and BTT. Since I will be switching between macOS and Windows using a Windows keyboard, I'd like to swap a couple Mac shortcuts like CMD-C and CMD-V (copy/paste) to the Windows shortcuts CTL-C and CTL-V. Also, replacing CMD-Tab with ALT-Tab would be nice.

In BTT, it was easy to add ^C and ^V shortcuts, but I can't find a way to add the Copy and Paste actions. I even tried entering Cmd-C and Cmd-V as the actions, but BTT won't accept that. Is this even possible? I don't mind learning all the other macOS shortcuts, but these three are ingrained in muscle memory.

Note: I tried simply swapping the CMD and CTL keys in macOS preferences, but then I get thrown off learning lots of other new shortcuts and always having to remember that CMD and CTL are swapped. Also, this approach doesn't address ALT-Tab. BTW, I've never used a Mac keyboard and don't want one because I need an ergonomic keyboard.

  • M1 Mac Mini running macOS 11.4
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard and mouse connected via wireless dongle.