Repeating commands without having to repeatedly clicking a modified button


I was wondering how one can repeat a command without repeatedly clicking the button? I'm using a side mouse button to act as a "down" arrow key. I'd like to not have to press it again to go further down; in other words, I'd like to simply hold it so that downward motion continues on without my having to constantly hit the mouse's side button. How can I achieve this?


In the advanced tab is a repeat action while pressed. Check and give it a repeat rate. Start with .4s or something around this.

Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the tab you were referring to. I mean, I did find the 'Advanced' tab, next to 'Simple' at the upper left. But I couldn't go past that point. Like, do I hit the 'Advanced settings' icon afterwards? This has to do with a 'Normal mice' setting, so do I head there at any point? I know this kind of troubleshooting (i.e., with a newbie) is always a bit complex, so my apologies.

You want to do this with a "Normal Mouse" Trigger, right?

You have to select the trigger and on the right select the Advanced tab.
Should look something like this

Is this on a Mac?

Yes, it's mac with dark mode, windows should be the same just in a lighter theme, as far as I know at least.

BetterTouchTool is only available on macOS :wink:
@copa you might be used to the old UI - which version of BTT are you running?

This is what I've got: version 2.800

Ah ok, in the old UI it's been pretty well hidden.
You got to press the settings icon (at the bottom left in screenshot)

Updating probably would be worth it as well

Thank you 1 million times, my dude. Found it and it works. I was wrecking my brain trying to find the Update line from your last screenshot ... turns out it's in the icon of the bar, not in the app itself, my bad.

Thanks again so very much.