Repeating a function while holding modifier key and pressing second key

Hey all,

I have started using BetterTouchTool and have encountered a problem – I want to create a shortcut that repeats a specific function while I hold down a modifier key (in this case CMD) and press a second key after that (in this case TAB).

Here's what I have tried so far:

  • I created a keyboard shortcut for CMD + TAB and assigned the desired function to it (it essentialy just switches CMD + TAB with CTRL + TAB)

  • The function works as expected, but I want the action to repeat as often as I hold CMD and press TAB again.

  • Unfortunately, I need to release both keys and press them again to make the function work again, which is not the behavior I am looking for.

Now I would love to know if there's a way to make the function repeat when I press TAB again while holding down CMD, without having to release both keys. I could have sworn that this would be something that people ask for repeatedly, but I couldn't find any helpful information online. Or maybe I don't know what exactly to Google.

Is there a native solution within BetterTouchTool to achieve this behavior or perhaps a workaround that I can use? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but a shortcut (modifier + letter) should be repeatable when the modifier is held. eg in most browsers cmd + t opens a new tab. You can hold cmd and press "t" again and again, then a new tab will always be opened.

This is different with BTT key sequences. There you have to release the modifier first before the shortcut works again.

Thanks for your reply! You are understanding my issue 100% perfectly.

As you explained, the standard behaviour is that I can just hold e.g. cmd and press t again to open new tabs.

I kind of expected this could be reproduced in BTT since it seems to be such a necessary function to me. But maybe this has just to do with my use case, where I am trying to rearrange certain shortcuts on my keyboard to get them closer to what I am used to on Windows.

So if I am getting you right there is no way to do this in BTT? Is maybe something planned for the future? Or am I misunderstanding something about the nature of BTT and why and how people use it?

BTT does that. Have you tried if it works with other shortcuts?

Are you sure that you are not using Key Sequences?

Yes, I set up quite a few shortcuts that all make use of one modifier key + one other key and for all of them it's the same problem.

I am not quite aware what the difference is between Key Sequences and shortcuts.

Here's one example where I tried to change the way I can switch through tabs in Firefox.

Ok, then try the key repeat. 0.5 or less.

This does seem to change things, but not the way I'm intending :confused: This will make the function repeat if I hold both keys, but this unfortunately does not help in this specific case.

I just tested this with Firefox.

Cmd pressed and held + Tab + Tab .... switches to the next tab

Both keys pressed and held continuously switches to the next tab.

No idea why this doesn't work for you, sorry :man_shrugging:

I've found the source of the problem.

I am using Synergy to use my keyboard/mouse that are connected to my Windows machine on my Macbook. I don't know why, but when using that keyboard the repeating doesn't work – when I use the keyboard on my Macbook it does work as expected. Seems strange to me, since any "original" shortcuts that I have not set up with BTT work flawlessly with my Windows keyboard.

Ugh, there is always something. :slight_smile:

This is now my semi-solution aorund this issue. It's not perfect, but it's the best I could come up with. I am able to repeat hitting Tab (or whatever) for two seconds – the modifier key will stay pressed down through BTT.

I guess my issue is thanks to Synergy instead of BTT – or could this be resolved in a future update?