Repeated activations of custom mouse button trigger slow

I am using a logi MX Ergo and have set buttons 3 and 4 to trigger the control + tab (or control + option + tab) key combination to trigger next/previous tab in most applications.
Recently (If necessary I could try older version of BTT to see if a specific older version does not have this issue) trying to click the button repeatedly in quick succession only occasionally triggers the hotkey. The first activation is immediate, but then for the next ~second the clicks are registered as a click of button 4 (not made into the shortcut) and then it triggers the shortcut again, followed by the delay again. Manually hitting the key combo on the keyboard works without issues even if repeated rapidly.

At least Normal Mouse, have not checked if other inputs are similarly affected

n/a, could make a recording or try some other options if necessary.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro - M1 Pro
  • macOS version: 12.6.8
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.208


ah thanks for reporting! I didn't think about this use case when adding support for double & triple clicks to the normal mouse section. Will fix soon.

For now you can workaround it by recording the double and triple click for that button also and assign the same action:

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Thanks! That works, FYI this is how the double/triple clicks for button 3/4 show up in BTT:
Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 22.23.52

This should now be fixed in v 4.212!

In what way should this be fixed?
If I don't have the double/triple click configured should the single click trigger be recognized for the repeated clicks?
I've disabled the triggers for 'button' 103/203/104/204 but BTT 4.212 seems to behave just like it did in 4.208.

you need to delete them, I can't easily make it work with disables triggers

That indeed resolved the issue, thank you.

Before deleting them those entries now (correctly) show up as Button # (Double) (and Triple)

It appears this was not fully fixed.

When I rapidly click button 3 on my mouse it trigger the defined actions on the first two clicks, not on 3 and 4 then it triggers again on the 5th and 6th click, etc..
If I use this actions in Safari (to switch tabs) while hovering my mouse over the content area of pages clicks 3/4 can unintentionally click elements on the page.

Currently using BTT 4.272, latest Monterey.