Repeat action for mouse movement

Version 4.182
Ventura 13.2.1

Hello everyone.
I have a repetitive task that i want to automate:

  1. move mouse
  2. click
  3. move mouse
  4. click

I want to repeat this action 40 times and I'm not sure how to go about it.
I found the option "cycle trhough multiple actions (on repeat trigger). Is there also a way without the trigger? I just want to run it and walk away.

Thank you!

Also found a bug:
The window does not want to close after I pick an icon to find.

Just experimenting with Find image.

How does BTT look for the image/pixels? I would want to either limit the area of BTT of where to look for the image or at least pick if BTT should look from top to down and left to right, etc.

So the best I could come up with yet:

  1. Made the sequence of the triggers in Actions = 1 task that deletes a file
  2. Converted the Bundle/Sequence of Triggers to a single Action and named it "delettee1"
  3. Copy pasted "delettee1" several times into the Actions to a new Trigger