Remove formatting from clipboard

I would like BTT to have a simple action that removes all formatting from clipboard.

For example: if I copy a news article with text that has italics, bolding, and various sized headers, I want the BTT action to wipe all that formatting, leaving pure text.

Open the BTT Clipboard Manager and click there. Then everything is pasted in plain text.

Unfortunately this is complicated on macOS. Even if you remove all formatting from the clipboard, pasting it into a rich text app might automatically apply the currently selected styles.
To remove the formatting of the current clipboard contents without using the clipboard manager you can use the "Insert / Type / Paste Custom Text" action and use the "Insert Special" => "Other" => "Insert Content From Clipboard" option like this:

In many cases the macOS "Paste and match style" default shortcut will also achieve what you need (cmd+option+shift+v)

Works beautifully, thank you!

The problem with the (cmd+option+shift+v) is that it's not universal. Working sometimes but not others causes stress.

I don't want to have to consider every time I paste something "oh will this shortcut work?" :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Some apps if you accidentally paste formatted text into them, they can cause crashes or many other unintended behavior, and you may not be able to undo with a simple cmd+z.

For example, long news articles with embedded links and other styles into some kind of spreadsheet software.