Remap fn to ctrl (or modifier keys in general)

I am wondering, if I can do seemingly simple task wit BTT as remapping fn key to trigger ctrl.
I am switching between my full-sized keyboard at work which I use the most and then 2 macbooks and their internal keyboards, where fn key is located on the topmost left, unlike on the full sized keyboard. It confuses me quite a lot and I would like to unify this, as I don't use fn key at all.
Of course, I have tried to simply record the keyboard shortcut, but as fn is a modifier key, it's not captured by itself.
Thanks a lot for any help!

OK never mind, as I asked the question, I have found out it's possible with default mac keyboard settings (modifier keys section) :smiley:
Just keeping it here for the others who may want to achieve the same and are missing the most obvious option.