Remap F1 F2 F3... keys


I would like to remap my F1 F2 ... F12 key. Is it possible?

I only found option to map F13 F14... keys.


Can you post an example of what you want to do exactly? In general you can just record the f keys like normal keyboard keys. (but depending on your setting in System Preferences => Keyboard you need to press FN in order to produce a F key output)

Here is the thing...
I've a macbook pro touch bar, but my touch bar is not working anymore. So, I lost the F1 F2 F3... keys

I'd like to remap these keys to a composed key, as Cmd + 1, Cmd + 2, Cmd + 3

Is it possible to do in my scenario?


Easiest way would be to temporarily enable the onscreen keyboard (System Preferences => Accessibility => Keyboard => Accessibility Keyboard => Enable Keyboard), then record the shortcuts and then disable it again.

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Thanks so much!

I'll try to implement your solution! :slight_smile: